The kids are alright


They’re the kids who on paper would scare
the toughest educator

The misdemeanour makers
Their destiny unknown, not movers and shakers

“They’ll make your life hell….”

“They’ll get you no Cs…”

But since when did it all become about me?

Yes it’s tough to teach but tougher to reach
the minds of those who are blind to the power of words, who crowd in insecure herds

Why blame them for apathy
Why bemoan their lack of desire when their fire of a future is mired

by Daily Mail headlines:
‘The kids aren’t alright’
‘The youth face a fight’

Their power and might
Has been disturbed by a reputation undeserved

They’re unheard.
They suffer from the legacies of 
Ministers future, present, past

Framed to come last

They are the Gove-ian generation

The ironic guinea pigs of new initiatives

Use your initiative.
Remember the day
When English teachers weren’t always doing maths

Statistics, percentages, data, trends, facts

When a student was a person to nurture not a number

or a performance management target

When a student was just a target for your time,
for giving more

So as I grasp the loaded gun of examination scores
Turn and draw

The kids are alright